Jamie Dimon buys 500K of JPM common

According to SEC filings Jamie Dimon just picked up 500K shares of JPMC over the last couple of days. It appears he did this by selling quite a bit of preferred JPMC stock he and his wife had in several trusts.

Is he signaling that JPMC has finally liquidated the entire bad trade and the . . . → Read More: Jamie Dimon buys 500K of JPM common

S&P rolling over

To anyone who hasn’t had a chance to look recently the S&P has rolled over. It appears to have made a double top and broken thru support in early May. After that it dropped down to the 200 day moving average and then bounced off and retraced back up to the 50 day moving average. . . . → Read More: S&P rolling over

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Hello world!

Hello world. I had this site up about a year ago, but I received a new job and began traveling and didn’t have time to update it. To make a long story short about a month ago I came back to the US and my old site was hacked and my backup files were gone . . . → Read More: Hello world!

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